$60 Intro + Getting Started

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  1. New to our studioCreate Account
  2. Purchase the $60 Intro Month
  3. Browse our Class Schedule and reserve your spot in class (the App: iPhone / Android )
  4. Learn About Us (Teachers, Class Types, Fundraising Initiatives, FAQ., etc.)
  5. Connect with us on Facebook + Instagram


30 Consecutive Days of Unlimited Yoga!

  • Meet our teachers
  • Try all our classes
  • Acclimate to the heat and humidity
  • Bring a guest for free (must be brand new to our studio, please have them create an account)
  • If you’re brand new to yoga, start with our classic Modo, Yin or Mindful Pilates before Vinyasa/Flow
  • Yin should be the only class you take or the last class you take as it is contraindicated to practice yin poses (designed to stretch fascia tissue) before you strengthen muscles through a more vigorous class/workout/run. If you are cycling to the studio please take your time getting home, do not rush or bike quickly. If it is cold outside, we advise you not to bike home from yin.
  • Discounts when you purchase during your intro month:
    • $10 off Membership = the best deal if you’re practicing + per week
    • 10% off 5, 10 + 50 class passes = best if you practice 1x week or less (passes never expire)



  • Arrive well hydrated, ideally on an empty stomach
  • Minimize caffeine intake and balance with purposeful hydration with electrolytes
  • Afterward, replenish your electrolytes (drink coconut water, rooibos tea or use an electrolyte supplement as they will replenish minerals lost while to perspiration) and let your body return to resting heart rate/body temperature before eating any food



  • Start where you’re at (size, weight, flexibility, age, all apply)
  • Modify postures as needed
  • Avoid pain (if you have chronic pain, do not let pain intensify)
  • Take breaks
  • Take small and frequent sips of water
  • Lay down at first sign of dizziness or nausea For Health & Safety, do your best not to leave the room unless its an emergency; a sudden change of temperature has the potential to trigger a fainting spell You’re safest in the practice room in every way, as is everyone else



  • Intro offer is valid 1x per student
    • An exception: if you’re a returning student who practiced at our original location between 2007-2011 (on the north side of Bloor Street), YOURE ELIGIBLE to buy the $60 Intro Month at our new location, even if you bought it at the original studio.
  • No holds, extensions, exchanges or refund
  • Activates upon first use (use anytime or give as a gift)
  • All students must be 16 years old to practice on the regular schedule with written permission from a parent/guardian
  • Valid only at Modo Yoga Bloor West


We look forward to meeting you, please let us know if you have any further questions.E-mail info@modoyogabloorwest.com or call 416-766-YOGA