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Beau | Letter from the Director | The July 2019 Edition

Notice the next time he is at the studio as you enter the reception area. It’s not your feet or torso he looks at, it’s your eyes. Immediate connection through eye contact occurs between you and this being. It may
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Our Frustrated Spirit | Letter from the Director | The June 2019 Edition

There is a particular stress which exists in western culture that is causing much of our individual and societal unhappiness. Simply put, this stress can be identified as not living life, or not being who we came here to be.
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The Gift of Conscious Breath | Letter from the Director | May 2019 Editorial

The Gift Of Conscious Breath If your intention is to live a more conscious life, you likely hear of the importance of conscious breathing. Whether it be noticing anger taking you over, shifting the energetic slump that fatigue can bring
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