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Time to Pause | Letter from the Director | September 2018 Edition

Image: Isaac Cordal (Mexican street artist) ‘Politicians Discussing Global Warming’  Sculpture, Berlin 2014 “The revolution will not be televised.” —Gil Scott Heron As the crucial shift in human consciousness fortunately spreads around the planet, one of the lessons we are
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Naked Yoga | Letter from the Director | April 2019 Editorial

Our Karma weekend for the annual Grow Your Yoga initiative happens this month (26th-28th). Modo Yoga studios worldwide will host community fundraising events to raise money for forest protection and conservation. We hope you can make it for the MYBW
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Are You Taking Sacred Responsibility? | Letter from the Director | March 2019 Editorial

Are You Taking Sacred Responsibility? In her inspiring new book The Eight Sacred Responsibilities, author Cathy Mines defines Sacred Responsibility as A moral obligation to respond to life in ways that increase our life force and vitality. She makes clear
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