The Source Of Your Care | Letter from the Director | November 2019

THE SOURCE OF OUR CARE In the recently published Day of Pause Official Info Video, it is acknowledged how, in some way, every single one of us cares. Considering the myriad of ways we all show up in the world
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A Cell-Phone Free Space? | Letter From The Director | March 2017

Every once in awhile I must carry out a part of my role at the studio that, despite how many times I’ve had to do it, never gets easier. The last time I had such an experience was late last
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An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg and Other Young Messengers | Letter from the Director | October 2019 Edition

Every one of us is a child of this planet, and being in the spotlight as many of you are, means life has placed you in the role of big sisters and brothers from which to learn something. And as a white male who has spent over 50 years walking the earth, I am aware of the vulnerability I immerse myself in as I humbly offer some suggestions to you all at this time—only as support—and I thank you for considering any of it.