The EE program at MYBW is a unique and very special way of serving your yoga community and earning your unlimited yoga and parks.

In exchange for 4-hours of service per week, you earn:

  • Unlimited yoga
  • Mat, Towel + Jar Rentals
  • Laundry Service
  • Participation in 30-Day Challenges + Live To Learn Workshops
  • Discounts on retail, workshops + retreats
  • ‘EEer of the Month’ (acknowledgment and prizes)
  • A rewarding way to experience the community

We are looking for Energy Exchangers who are committed to their yoga practice and to the studio. To be eligible for the EE Program all applicants must be in or have completed our $60 Intro Month when they apply (special consideration can be considered if you have already participated in an EE program at another studio or have a very strong existing Modo Yoga practice). Please click here to purchase the $60 Intro Pass and please continue to fill out the form.  If cost is an issue,  please email Mike to discuss a payment plan.


Keep in mind that MYBW is first and foremost a Yoga Center and a place where people come for healing, community, lightness and to de-stress. We are here to offer a heart based/healing service and advocate our entire staff to radiate positivity, kindness, respect, loyalty, and accountability.

We must work hard and earn the money needed to sustain our intention and provide this service. MYBW is a business as well and yoga students simply do not invest in a space that feels stressful or unclean.  We deeply rely on the Energy Exchangers just as much as we rely on the Teachers, Studio Manager, and Director to keep the studio operations running smoothly, 365 days a year.

We have two 4-hr cleaning shifts per day, every day, to keep the studio sparkling and are looking to hire staff who take their commitment to their EE position with utmost seriousness and dedication. Please keep this in mind and continue with the application if you’re prepared to commit yourself to the studio in a heartfelt way, for a minimum of 3 months (though hopefully longer).

Those who commit to their shift/the studio in this way report their experience to be deeply nourishing and often stay on in the program for years. If the circumstances in your life aren’t right to commit (if you regularly require shift swaps and subbing) you will likely find the experience to be stressful and ultimately unsustainable.

We look forward to reviewing your application and please note that there is a waitlist for this program and we will keep your application on file for 6 months.