Free Yoga: First-Responders

free yoga for teachers, ece, social workers, first responders, modo yoga bloor west

While the studio is less busy in the warmer summer months, we invite those of you who give your all in service to our community to practice free of charge as our collective thank you gift.



Enduring the sweltering heat while battling flames, fighting the finger-freezing cold while responding to a car accident, the stress of driving at high speeds, the shift work, the traumatic scenery, the daily risk-taking…WE SEE YOU. This month, MYBW appreciatively offers free yoga to our courageous emergency first responders. Your deep sense of service is not taken for granted.


As parents, when we stop to consider that those next in line to spend the most time with our children are teachers, we wake up to the realization that society will benefit most if teachers are happy, healthy and relaxed in their roles. MYBW recognizes the significance of these guardians and how they help shape our community. Please enjoy an open ticket to our July schedule on us. And consider each class your recess time.


If you’re familiar at all with the legion of unseen people who help produce a big film, you get an idea of the role of social workers and PSW’s in our community. Except the movie doesn’t end and the subject is real people. MYBW recognizes the daily service you provide to us fellow human beings. Please enjoy the month of August on your mat, on our dime. We’ll recognize you by the wings on your back.


Pick up your pass in person, with valid government-issued registration/id anytime (the studio is always open 30 minutes before and after class). This pass is valid at Modo Yoga Bloor West only; it may not be extended, transferred, shared, redeemed for cash value or exchanged for any other pass on our schedule. Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding and we hope you have a wonderful month of self-care and feel the gratitude shared by our entire community for the service you provide.


First Responders, Teachers, ECEs and Social Workers; if you find that unlimited yoga really resonates in your heart, fits your schedule and suits your lifestyle, and supports calming your nervous system and rejuvenating your energy we created a special membership rate just for you called The Community Membership ($100/month, reg. $115 + HST; includes all perks).