Mike Halis

Assistant Manager + Teacher To Be

I started out practicing yoga at Goodlife Fitness in Georgetown taking their body flow classes and instantly loved everything about it. How it made me feel mentally and physically. At the time I was out of shape and I needed something to take me away, replenish and renew my body. My cousin brought me to Modo Yoga Milton and the hot classes transformed me. I knew I wanted to teach and guide this practice. From there I moved to the city and practiced at Modo Etobicoke until I found out MYBW was opening. I instantly applied to the Energy Exchange Program. Loving the cleaning trade I held a high standard of cleanliness and order in the studio. That passion and dedication prepared me for the role I would eventually take as Assistant Manager at Modo Yoga Bloor West. From here I plan on taking the Modo Yoga Teacher Training and furthering my practice to one day instruct within this great community.