Jen Montes


Jen lives her happiness by doing what she loves best. She is passionate about yoga and continues to grow and flourish humbly as a student.

Jen has been influenced by the teachings of Modo, Anusara and Iyengar combined with many years of alternative health practices. Her most influential teacher is her son Aden who allows her to always be present and practice patience. Jen teaches her yoga classes with a playful and light energy along with alignment-based instruction. Jen proceeds to live life authentically through self-study and believes that yoga is therapy for the soul. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Jen is a dedicated mother, a creative photo app enthusiast, and professional chocolate eater.

Jen is grateful for her mentors Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, Don Christensen, Noah Maze, Marla Meenakshi Joy, Todd Norian, Ann Greene, Moira Canes, Dr. Heidi Walk, Ernie Patai, and Kathy Ryndak.